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1962 Century 21 Seattle World's Fair

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There was also a medal given to those on the first "Prevue Run" of the Alweg Monorail on March 5, 1962, which I own. Bronze, Rich Gold Finish. "ALWEG MONORAIL FIRST RIDE MEDAL", Seattle, WA, HK-UNL, Uncirculated as Made. Obv. Monorail, First Prevue Run, Century 21 Seattle, March 5, 1962; Rv. Alweg The First Rapid Transit Monorail In America. Presented only to those who took the first ride on the Monorail (which is still running today). Includes an original guest list that begins with Dwight Eisenhower, then lists both Senators, Governor, etc. According to the Seattle Seller, Elvis was also on the first run, but not on the list. Perhaps made in Germany, as the large Bronze Space Needle Medal also shown in this section of the forum. edited by Spencer on 3/16/2014

From what I have been told, there were 3 gold sets of the 8-medal series issued, and apparently 1 set is in the Smithsonian, 1 set is complete in private hands, and the third set is broken up.... I think this piece is from the third set.  Does anyone have definite information on this?

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From what I have read they were four sets struck in gold, one of which is in the Smithsonian. I have bought and sold a few of the gold ones but have never seen more than one type sold individually. I suspect the other two complete sets are in collections and one set so far has been broken up for sale. These cool gold medals and all of the so-called dollars from the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair are cataloged for the first time in my new book, So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions.

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