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1970s Letcher Mint - A. Humbert Silver

A silver replica of an August Humbert U.S. Assay Office slug was produced in the 1970s by the Lecther Mint (L.M.). Tom Jankovsky's Slug Reference mentions this item, stating it was c1976 and comes in 38mm and a larger 5oz slug. The Letcher Mint (run by an Alfred Letcher) operated Lancaster California (North of L.A.) in the 1970s and produced silver rounds, including one with an eagle standing on a rock (which can be found on eBay these days). I would keep this piece as part of a modern slug collection. The small attached insert with the packaging is quite interesting and details information about the 1850s California gold rush and how the U.S. Assay Office became the trusted agent for gold slugs before the U.S. Mint opened in San Francisco in the 1850s. Please see this link for more information on this interesting history:

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