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1974 Spokane WA World's Fair

1974 Spokane WA World's Fair Thread

The 1974 Spokane World's Fair (4 May - 3 Nov '74) was an environmentally-themed fair -- specifically "Celebrating Tomorrow's Fresh New Environment." Environmentally friendly architectural designs as well as the concepts behind "recycling" germinated at this fair, but it was not without controversy. Local environmental groups picketed the fair, and outside the gates the world was dealing with OPEC and long gas lines (good timing). Note that the 55-MPH speed limit was introduced in this era. One new technology introduced at the fair was the iMax theater in the US Pavilion... with a movie "To Fly" featuring flight over the grand canyon. As for fair medals, i've attached an image of the official 38mm fair medals (available in bronze and silver) that are modern so-called dollars & national commemorative medals. These are a bit hard to locate today, but there are numerous medals with a similar design that can easily be found on e-bay.

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I'm in the process of purchasing the attached pieces. Note that the small pieces (about 40mm) qualify as modern so-called dollars. The silver piece is in proof condition, apparently how these smaller silver 0.999 medals were made per John Dean. The larger medals (little over 2.5" or 63.5mm) are rarer but are not SCDs. All items were designed by the US Mint but struck by Interama Medallions Inc. From John's book on National Commem Medals, about 400 each of the large and small silver medals were also made available in Gilt (gold-plated or vermeil). I don't know much about the company "Interama Medallions, Inc." but I see they made some silver bars for the expo. edited by rjesinger on 1/13/2013

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Saw this piece in its original box of issue... so I thought i'd post it.

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While the 2.5" Silver and Bronze Natl Comm Medals associated with this fair are not so-called dollars, I was lucky to be able to purchase the attached pair with original box of issue. The box is the same design/appearance as the above smaller box above only larger to be able to fit the 2.5" size. The silver 2.5" is proof just as it's smaller counterpart.

Expo '74 population:*

.999 Silver.... Size 1.5" .... Wt. 38.5g ...Pop. ....4410

Bronze.... Size 1.5".... Wt.26g .... Pop.....27954

* "National Commemorative Medals of the U. S. Mint" - John T. Dean

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