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1982 Knoxville TN World's Fair

The 1982 Knoxville International Energy Exposition (Intl World's Fair), held between 1 May 1982 and 31 Oct 1982, had a theme of "Energy turns the world." A central feature of the fair was the "Sunsphere," a 266-foot steel towel with a five-story gold globe, which apparently still stands today and remains a symbol for the city of Knoxville. There seems to be a varied number of medals related to this fair (several pavilion medals below), some quite impressive gold and silver medals of the "Sunsphere." Some interesting items first featured at this fair include touch-screen displays (how the world has changed since then thanks to the iPod and iPad) and Cherry-flavored Coke. The Rubik's cube (from Hungary) was featured at the fair, and a huge cube still remains there to this day. Please post any of your favorite 1982 Knoxville so-calleds !!

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I'm re-posting "engineer's" beautiful silver proof medal from the 1982 Knoxville World's Fair. I think this particular SCD can be found in solid gold, silver, and brass. I've seen a number of these silver and brass pieces, but toned silver... not often. I haven't seen the gold but i'm sure some lucky people have them. From what I have seen (and I am no expert), I think these came in 4 different designs and could be obtained as a collectors set.

Here are some images of the 4 bronze medals... probably found in silver and gold...