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Camille L. Chapelle and Scovill Manufacturing

C.L.C. initials can be found on HK-623 and HK-733

CHAPELLE, Camille L. (1848-1923) engraver, diesinker, Waterbury, Connecticut.

Born France, 1848. Came to America before 1878. Employed by Scovill for 12 years (1883-1894) where he engraved the dies for medals listed below. Self-employed after 1894, he advertised in city directories 1895-96 as "die sinker and engraver ... dies of every description for novelties, buttons, medals, badges, spoons, ornamental trimings." Signed dies C.L.C. initials, monogram. Died Waterbury, Connecticut 17 February 1923.

Hundreds of dies in Scovill archives were signed by Chapelle; these dies were mostly for buttons and ornaments. They were widely dispersed to 22 museums in America circa 1982. [The compilor has visited only a handful of these to record their holdings.]

There is additional info at:

It would be interesting to explore his design work on known pieces he made with other similar pieces to try to connect more SCDs as having been made by Scovill.   I believe Scovill made many SCDs that are unattributed to them.

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