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Charbneau Dollars

I am working on a book on Charbneau Dollars. Bill Hyder and I will be co-authoring it and it should be offered for sale at the ANA in Chicago in August. I have identified 13 different varities. The table below lists each of the 13 different varities. If you have one, please let me know which you you have. I need to find a J12 so I can take a high quality photo. Charbneau Dollar attribution.J #DatePacifica lower legendAdditional informationOrientationWeight in gramsCMJ in HairOld HK #J1 1939 1 D SOLID GOLD Coin 1.22 Yes HK 488 J2 1939 1 D 10 K SOLID GOLD Coin 1.22 ? unlisted J3 1939 1 * 10 K SOLID GOLD Medal 1.21 Yes unlisted J4 1939 1 * 22 (counter stamped over) 10K SOLID GOLD Medal 1.92 Yes unlisted J5 1939 1 * 22 (counter stamped over) 10K SOLID GOLD 40 counter stamped on reverse field Medal 1.92 Yes unlisted J6 1939 STERLING Medal 1.14 No HK 487 J7 1939 STERLING piece has been gold plated Medal 1.14 No HK 487C J8 1939 STERLING 40 counter stamped on reverse field Medal 1.15 No HK 487B J9 1939 (blank) stippled fields, struck in copper Coin 0.92 No unlisted J10 1939 (blank) stippled fields, copper has been gold plated Coin 0.95 No HK 490 J11 1940 1 * 10 K SOLID GOLD thin plancehett Medal 1.00 Yes HK 489 J12 1940 1 * 22 (counter stamped over) 10K SOLID GOLD Medal 1.90 Yes unlisted J13 1940 STERLING Coin 1.14 No HK 487A

Just one correction to Jeff's note here. J5 is actually the 1939 1 D, 10 K with the 40 counter stamp on the reverse. The typo was mine on the photo check list I sent him. If anyone has a different variety with the 40 counter stamp, we definitely want to know.

Here are photos of my HK-487, Jeff's J-6 - I believe - , the only mint state Charbneau I have been able to acquire. Sterling on obverse, 1939 on reverse.

As you know, all Charbneau's are very rare. Yes, this one is a J6. One is the beginning of a great collection.