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Here is a super future SO CALLED DOLLAR steeped in historical importance and tradition. *This area was included in the Louisiana Purchase of 1804. *Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark into this area on their trip to the Pacific Ocean. *Lewis and Clark met with many Indian Chiefs at the present location of of City of Ft Calhoun and suggested it as a perfect location for a protective Fort location to Jefferson. *The fur trade was developing as a major source of income for the new USA. The British reeling from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 were arming and training the Indians to harass /engage the mountain men, settlers and and fur traders in a steadily escalating threat from 1812 forward. *In 1819 Secratary of War John C. Calhoon dispatched Col Henry Atkinson on the Yellowstone Expedition to found what was thought to be Fort Calhoun. An eastern newspaper at the time wrote, "It will go to the Source and Root of the Fatal British influence which has for so many years armed the Indian nations against our western frontiers." *The advance party referred to it as Ft Calhoun but when the troops arrived and built the fort in 1819 and 1820 upon completion they named it Fort Atkinson after their commanding officer. The locals (civilians, mountian men, sutlers, armer contractors and fur traders) that were growing up around the fort decided to keep their city name of Ft Calhoun-the oldest city in Nebraska. *The fort was manned by 1200+ soldiers and was the largest group of people on the western frontier. *On June18,1823 a keelboat named YELLOW STONE PACKET arrived at the fort with wounded and fleeing survivors of an Arikara Indian attack on the Fur Trading Company of William Ashley. Over a dozen fur traders were killed and Ashley and the remainder of his party were holed up and in need of rescue. Colonel Leavenworth led a rescue campaign, killed many Indians, routed the indian villages and rescued the survivors. In doing so he lost 7 men. This action was the opening salvo and start of the Plains Indian Wars which lasted well into the 1880's. On the military war deaths death records these seven men are listed as the first 7 men killed in the Plains Indian Wars. Strangely these 7 men were not killed in action but died in a boating accident (drowning) during the campaign. *With the ever moving forward western frontier and the settlements built up the fort was abandoned in 1827 as more forts were built further away during the expansion. *The H.J.L. on the so called stands for HERMANN JOSEPH LUCKGER and is probably the same Hermann Joseph Luckger who worked for the German Engraver L. CHR LAUER who designed the California Midwinter Exposition of 1894 so called dollars referred to as "Lauers Exhibition Palace Dollars" (HK-262-HK-267). This So Called Dollar was most likely struck at the U.S Mint in Philadelphia. ,

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