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Common So Called Dollars

Based on my past 2 years of watching So Called Dollar sales online and at coin shows, I think the following are pretty common to find:

  1. HK-460, the McCormick Reaper Centennial (1931)
  2. HK-583, the bronze Pony Express Centennial medal (1960)
  3. HK-573, the Oregon Beaver Dollar (1959)
  4. HK-154/155, the official medals of the World's Columbian Expo (1892)
  5. HK-302/304, the official medals of the LA Purchase Expo (1904)
  6. HK-494, the North Carolina Dollar of the 1939 NY World's Fair
  7. HK-578, the USS Enterprise (1960)
  8. HK-704, the Mariposa Court House Centennial (1954)
  9. HK- 720, the Gasparilla Pirate Festival (Undated)
  10. HK-910, the WWII Victory Medal (1945)

I realize that many of these are common on the Fuld Rarity Scale, so it should come as no surprise to see them recurrently offered. An interesting and useful website I occasionally check to see how potentially "common" a SCD might be is John Raymond's site:

The McCormick Reaper is common but difficult to find in 65 or higher. The 704 is also difficult to find in 65 or higher. I wonder if there should be two rarity scales one for general rarity and one for gem rarity.

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Axel Ulen

HK-481, Treasure Island is surely up there near the top....with 154,460,573,302....those are the top 5 I'd bet Oh, yeah, let's not forget HK-483,484,465, and 583....h'mmm, not coming up with a number ten. edited by smallforest on 10/18/2016

Hi Bob, just a comment about HK509. On the tally that I did, I found that HK 509 was found to be in high grade probably the highest percentage of the time of any so called dollar. Rolls of this medal appear to have been coming out for years in high grade, so these "new" ones may in fact not be recent restrikes. Lets hope they are original.