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Continental Dollar Restrikes HK-852 to HK-862

I was reading my PDF copy of the Delorey article from the 1980 Numismatist and ran across something on page 1624 of the two-part article.  It had to do with the Continental Dollar restrikes.  I summarized what I read with the attached graphic.  In essence, I was trying to understand how a collector (like me) can figure out the differences between older strikes and modern restrikes.  It turns out that various states of die polish are important in understanding whether something is old or new... just like Jeff and Bill have published on w.r.t. HK-402.  Anyway, it would appear that the degree to which one sees the table under the SunDial on the strikes can quickly help sort out whether you are looking at an 1876 Dickeson strike or an Elder strike or a modern.  I realize this isn't 100%, but it might be helpful as a starting point.  As I dig into this more, i'll post more...

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I would also suggest reading this older newsletter as it contains more information about this subject...

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Great article and recap @rjesinger. I've often wondered how to tell the difference myself. This is a great article and the picture is definitely worth a thousand words here!

Please be advised that, in conjunction with a collaborator, we are going to write an article describing and illustrating the different die states seen during the different ownership periods. Any contributions will be welcome.


Tom DeLorey

Bill and Jeff just released a great article (in the October 2021 Numismatist) on Dickeson SCDs... interesting and informative article !