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Edward A. Kretschman

The initials EAK can be found on a number of listed and unlisted so-called dollars (closely examine the truncations on HK-607 and HK-143a/b).  Edward A. Kretschman was a sculptor and teacher who worked in Philadelphia PA in the 1870s-1880s.  He was born in Germany in 1849 and moved to America and was winning awards by 1875.   He is credited with the Collis Zouave statue atop the 114th PA infantry monument in front of the Sherfy Farm House at the Gettysburg National Monument in PA.

His initials can also be found on series of Political tokens (1888 election BH 1888-11) and Washington medals (1887 Constitution Centennial (GW-1051) and the 43.5mm 1889 Washington Inauguration Equestrian Medal (GW-1104)).  He was the engraver on an unlisted 1884-85 Cotton Expo Medal for Mexican War Vets (image attached) as well as a smaller medal for the North, Central, and South American Exposition in New Orleans. He did a number of fair medals (1886 American Fat Stock Dairy and Horse Show Medal held in Chicago).

He is also thought to have been the engraver on Liberty medals released by William Warner & Brother Co, and his relationship with the Warner company is an area for active research.

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