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Excellent National Token/So-Called Dollar Shows


Let's see if we can get a group of So-Called Dollar collectors to attend the National Token Collectors Assn Show in Reno, NV over Labor Day weekend. I think the So-Called Guy will be able to make it!

Bill H.-now to ARLINGTON HOTEL. I am writing up Arlinton Hotel for my unlisted So Calleds listings which I feel should be included in the new book. I feel it qualifies in many ways including being like many of the Moise pieces. I.E. Truckee Ice Carnival HK 729, Coney Island HK 717a New Orleans HK 726 and others. I was reveiwing your Omni Arlington piece and two questions. I agree with your dating this to 1895. With what we know about C.A. KLinker as a real estate developer and businessman (and I dont believe he ever personally engraved a single token) and the dates of employment for L.H Moise as his employee,foreman and chief die engraver even though Arlington is signed CA KLINKER CO would you agree that in all probability Moise engraved this token? Also it has been attributed as white metal (most notably by Rulau) I believe this to be in error and that this piece comes in aluminum and not white metal. Your write up in Omni says you have 2 pieces of this rather rare token. Are either white metal? ,

There were a number of excellent dealers of so-called dollars at the WESTS (Western States Token Society) show in Sacramento, CA in April 2013 that I attended. Compared to other coin shows I have attended in my area, this show was a nice concentrated group of West Coast token/so-called dollar dealers. I attended this show as well as the Holabird-Kagin auction which included some so-called dollars. I would encourage anyone who collects so-called dollars to consider attending the National Token Collectors Assn Meeting/Show in Reno, NV this coming Labor Day weekend as a number of dealers mentioned to me that this was a good place to purchase so-called dollars. I don't have all the details on this upcoming show, but when I get the intel, i'll post it here.

Just wanted to post that the national token show in Reno this past Labor Day weekend was fun. I enjoyed meeting all the dealers. The hotel (Atlantis) and Holabird-Kagin auction were both enjoyable. There were dealers from as far away as Maine, South Carolina, and Florida. There was a tremendous amount of merchandise for sale, including a good number of unseen before so-called dollars and unlisted pieces. Thank you to NTCA for organizing this! I look forward to future shows.

For those of us out here in Northern California, the next WESTS (Western States Token Society) show is combined with the Sacramento Coin Show -- 21-23 March 2014 -- at the Clarion Inn on Arden Way in Sacramento, CA. In past years, this show has been a good place to trade, sell, and buy tokens and so-called dollars. If you can make it, there will be at least 66 dealers, an informative educational dinner (Jeff's the speaker!), and a great group of people to talk with.

The next Western Token Show (WESTS) will again be held in Santa Rosa, CA at the Veteran's Hall... March 27-29, 2020.  I went last year and found a number of great medals and tokens (including SCDs).  If you've never been to a WESTS show, it's definitely one to visit...