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F.B. Smith & Hartmann

F.B. Smith & Hartmann Thread

The diesinker firm of F.B. Smith & Hartmann was a die-sinking firm that succeeded the famous "Bale and Smith" firm in 1848 and were, in turn, succeeded by Smith and Horst in 1857. Among their medals were HK-589 (Nassau Water Works), HK-9/10 (Heenan-Sayers Boxing Bout), the John Pintard medal of the NY Historical Society of 1857, and a large bronze of Edwin Forrest. I attached a really nice bronze HK-589 from the firm. They appear to have produced a number of very high quality medals in the 1840s-1850s, but I cannot find a great deal more about them. Any pointers from anyone ?

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Here is a high grade Nassau Water Works I picked up many years ago.

This beautiful HK-9 and HK-10b pair (fresh back from NGC) is a set that I was able to purchase from an advanced collector... beautiful patina and really nice in hand.

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