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[HELP] HK-156? HK-157?

Attached are pictures of my HK-913 graded MS66 by NGC. This example is tied for the finest graded of this type.

Your medal comes in different sizes. By definition, a so called dollar should be less that 45 mm in diameter. Yours is a larger size. "White metal" is usually made of tin and lead with a combination of other medals like antimony, copper, bismuth etc. It is usually soft and easily dented or scratched. White metal has "dead" ring to it. Some white metal pieces even have a "nickel" like appearance to them, and in fact may be more a form of German silver. Most white metal pieces can be distinguished from silver quite easily just by examining them. But as far as I am concerned, the only way to know know for sure is to do a specific gravity test. Very, very few medals or tokens have a specific gravity between 9 and 10. Virtually all silver medals or tokens will have a specific gravity of above 10(sometimes barely). All base medal pieces(German silver, copper, white metal, tin, lead, etc etc) will will have a specific gravity below 9. In my experience, pure copper will be the closest to 9. A specific gravity test is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Divide the dry weight / by the dry weight minus the medal/token weight suspended in water(cool, distilled water is best). A standard, cheap digital scale works fine for the set-up.


bought it a while back on eBay, in red medal box (claimed to be original box by seller) 1893 DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE DOLLAR reeded edge (hence obviously no inscription of maker) 59mm, weight 66.83g any ideas is it HK-156 or HK-157? silver or WM?