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HK-131b Silver real or fake?

I have heard that HK-131 (Evacuation of Boston) comes in nickel, silver plate, gold plate, and silver.  My understanding was that this piece was given out in bronze to school children in Boston, which might be why it is so hard to find a nice high-grade uncirculated piece.

I have thought my HK-131b silver was real. Now with WW's post I'm no longer sure. It looks like a circulated 1880's Morgan silver dollar. It also rings like a silver dollar. Definitely not antiqued and has almost no tarnish none black. Black areas around denticles from lighting shadows. No under metal showing thru but Bill H mentions he has had plated tokens engraved without the underlying metal showing through so I don't know how reliable that is anymore. Nothing grainy about the silver and no softness or flow buildup around rim areas or microscopic makers mark. So fake? Possibly real? Send to Ngc for a $70 metalurgical analysis test? The only thing that really stands out on this piece is that Evacuation Boston of Boston probably 2nd to the McCormick Reapers pieces in number of listings and for sales. I've seen hundreds of the copper pieces and most and even the MS 64's have a notoriously weak strike. Cannons and balls and ships and water scenes that so weak you can barely make it out. This is a highly struck with great definition and detail all over. Opinions how to proceed?

The easiest test is to weigh it and to weigh the copper piece. If it is silver, it will weigh more. If plated, not so much. Then a specific gravity if the weight is not decisive.

Good info-going to purchase a scale tomorrow and weigh them-let you know what I find out.

This piece sold on e-bay relatively cheap recently.  Jeff told me he saw a silver plate in 2016... so I guess these show up every 4 years?

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My notes on the 1901 Evacuation of Boston are in sync with Bill's comments. I have seen them or have reliable information they are found in copper, gold-plated (holed), silver-plated, nickel and silver.