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HK-237F WORLDS COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION Hexigonal Uniface Dollar Cristo Columbo on Ship

This is one of the rarest So Called Dollars in the series every bit as rare as far as numbers including the Gold Pieces. This is recognized as a Jonas Ryden Die Maker Trial Piece which bears his stamped pedigree "3" on the center uniface back and hexagonal side. This particular piece was sold to an Englishman who arrived by ship to visit the World's Fair in Chicago. He took it back to England 125 years ago and I brought it back to the United States 2 years ago. I believe this 42 mm piece to be a true R-9 or at least very limited number R-8. NGC has encapsulated it in a large 6 inch by 4 3/4 inch presentation slab which I didn't know existed till I received it in a different shipping box. All in all one of my better gifts from NGC.

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