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HK 243? (242-243)

Original packaging for HK-222

Hibler and Kappen use 243 for the Type II McCormick Reaper piece, then A, B, and C are used for the "managers" pieces. I recently acquired a third die pair combination of 242-243. I guess one would use 243A to be appropriate, but D is the next letter not already in use. I have pictured the image with the obverse and reverse as designated by Eglit which is the opposite of H&K. The die combination is similar to H&K 243 with the following differences: The initials, OA, appear on the bust of McCormick, but the S.D. Childs, Chicago signature is missing. Instead of a beaded border, the boarder is denticulated (is that a word???). Look below the reaper and you will find the patch of ground below the wheel on the right is missing.

Nice find. Collecting HK is great because you can make finds such as this.