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There is much misinformation about the Moise signed so called dollars, unsigned, modified state seal dollars etc. Mostly from Rulau it goes that L.H. Moise hit San Francisco around 1893 and produced tokens till about 1897 at which time he bought out the C.A. Klinkner Co which had been operating since 1889 . That there were L.H Moise tokens (Lionel Henry Moise), C.A. Klinkner Co tokens (Charles Alexander Klinkner) and Moise Klinkner Co tokens till 1930 when absorbed by the Patrick Co. Having researched the L.H. Moise Co I would like to share my findings as well as a picture of Lionel Moise with his second wife Hettie.

Okay, now I see the photograph. Great piece!

Nice photo Billy.

I understand that the HK-254a piece comes in the narrow Eureka (more common) and wide Eureka (less common).

Here's a wide Eureka piece along with the 1979 auction envelope it came in which I thought was cool.

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