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HK-276 companion piece

Looks like a really great piece. Ordered a few last week from Jeff... already can't wait to see them. Especially cool that they're going to be carried through the Panama Canal this year! I have one of the previous medals made by Dan Carr in connection with the so-called dollar get together and we had our local coin club medals done by Dan Carr this year too. He does great work and can't wait to see these.

Here is a rare nice companion piece to HK-276 but alas is too small at 32mm--which is a shame.[

I thought i'd post a REALLY nice HK-276/277 NGC MS62 set... owned by Bill Weber and then sold in 2008 at the historic Holabird-Kagin auction (lots 10312/10313), and recently changed hands. The pictures actually DO represent how the SCDs look in person... not photo enhanced. One of the finest known sets per Bill Weber with considerable gilt lustre with one other nice MS62 set (which I haven't seen to date). This SCD set commemorates a historic boxing match between James Corbett and Bob Fitzsimmons on March 17, 1897... and the key issue in this event was that it was filmed! In many ways, the boxing match became famous due to the footage being shown in theatre's around the USA. You can see some of the the video at: and the whole story is detailed at This set is worth $1800 minimum in my opinion, but replacing it would be rather difficult. As an aside, if you are ever in the Carson City Mint Museum, there is a display in one corner of the museum that actually has a set of these SCDs behind glass... and it is as nice at these. Also, Fred Holabird sold some really choice pinbacks (in his Apr/May 2015 sale) from this event, and the pinbacks went for some amazingly high numbers. Sports-related SCDs will probably always remain popular. edited by rjesinger on 5/24/2015