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HK 296 - Copies

I cannot answer your question off the top of my head, but Jeff and I will be including information of this sort as we publish Jeff's catalog series. If Jeff hasn't answered first, I'll try to get a weight and other information the next time I am working with his reference collection.

I didn't think of that, I thought maybe just a numbered issue. I haven't seen one before. If this is a subscriber number there should be quite a few around, I would think. Could it be a date March 27th? From what i can gather the building was finished in Feb of 1922 so that doesn't seem to work. The 327th day of the year? That doesn't seem to work either. 327 employess perhaps?

I agree. I saw a fake Wells Fargo piece that Jeff Shevlin had, and the difference is a gestalt -- the face is less well struck, has coarse details, has a bumpy surface, and just doesn't have the "feel" of a real one. I wasn't convinced that the fake one was struck from the same dies as the original piece.

Coin World has had a couple recent articles mentioning the Wells Fargo HK 296. Each one has warned of copies/reproductions. Has anyone seen a copy/reproduction that could pass for a real one? Does anyone know what a real one weighs?