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HK 300 to 304

Is there an objective method of identifying which HK number a particular coin is? I have 4 of these, one weighs 15.9 grams, one weighs 17.0 grams, and 2 weigh 16.5 grams. I can make a pretty good educated guess as to what is what, but my idea of yellow bronze, could be gold plated bronze to someone else. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jon McDaniel

You raise an interesting question about a number of H&K listings. I don't have an answer today, but I am working with Jeff to develop techniques to identify different varieties of a number of so-called dollars. While exploring different references to mint records, it appears that the mint employed a variety of techniques to create different finishes. It might not be possible to distinguish each different finish on worn examples. Weight is likely not an indicator for different surface treatments. I haven't compared enough gold-plated versus non-plated pieces myself as yet to say if weight helps one way or the other. Very little gold is used in plating, so weight differences may just fall within expected tolerances. We'll see as our research continues.

Thanks Bill. The question was meant to cover various similar groups of H&K listings. I provided weights for differences between the base material, such as bronze, copper, and white metal. I would think the various bronzes would all weigh similarly, but that the other materials would be somewhat different. Again, thanks for the response, and am looking forward to more. Jon