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HK 304 Base metal?

I recently recieved back from NGC an Hk-304 in 64. I had originally thought this piece was a toned silver piece and had an odd appearance with regards to toning. I thought it was a toned silver piece, two dealers thought it was a toned silver piece. Ngc says Hk-304 which I asked for them to double check before sending. They said HK-304. My question is what is the base metal used for the gilt pieces? I will post a picture over the weekend.

Do you know what the piece weighs? I can weign various pieces when I see them pass through Jeff's stock and let you know what the various pieces should weigh.

See attached pictures. Along the reverse rim and above the eyebrow are two areas where it is difficult to determine what the base medal may be. It may be gilt piece that is a bit sloppy. It just has a different look to me than other HK-304's.

when i zoom 40% on your reverse picture i see quite dramatically what you are referring to-my experience with this is that when many loose coins are put in a box together they start oxidizing btween the metals with different metals producing different colors. The area on the top edge looks like it may be a colorization effect of silver coming in contact with the yellow gilt metal (not underlying base) the darker area to the right could be the oxidation color between a copper piece in contact with the yellow gilt metal. other metal jewelry pieces could cause the same effect. When people get out boxes of coins or tokens all mixed together to show me or ask me about I see a lot like this on better unworn pieces. Just one idea. t

Yes, I did not think of that and that may well be what has happened with this piece. Thanks