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HK-476 and HK-477 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

My HK-476 does appear to be red copper.... but my HK-477 is silver plated ... if that qualifies as "gilt" in the HK book....

I've seen a hand full of the HK-476 pieces for sale (maybe 3-4 over a decade) but none of the HK-477 ones....

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  • HK-476-HK-477.jpeg

Another Massachusetts piece fresh from NGC -- HK-666A

Very very nice- 2 pieces. I have been searching for these R-5 pieces for 25 years without success that John Raymond has only seen twice (probably both yours) and that NGC has only seen once each both yours Great find on top of which both were slabbable

Nice pieces.

I was recently able to acquire these two lovely pieces from a long-time SCD collector and thought i'd share the photos. The "Bay Bridge," as we Northern Californians call it, is quite a marvel to drive over, and it certainly can be a huge time-saver to get into downtown San Francisco. The history of the bridge is fascinating ( Most of the steel (52,000 tons) was forged near Pittsburgh, PA (Ambridge), and this huge depression-era project was a marvel of engineering (70,000 miles of cable!) and worker perseverance. As you might know, a new bridge is being built in parallel to the old one (see, and the current bay bridge celebrated its 75th Anniversary on Nov 12, 2011. Given America's (and the world's) economic depression, the symbolism of bridges safely connecting peoples and economies serves as a reminder to what was accomplished in the past and what we can and will do in the future. Certainly, if you have travelled to Asia recently, you would marvel at the amazing construction feats ongoing.

Jeff sold an HK-476 recently... first one i've seen in about 5 years.... still no HK-477s... maybe Jeff has one he can post ?