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The Randolph Massachusetts Centennial SCDs, seemingly made by WH Warner and Bros (Phil.), is quite a rare issue, few if any sales records found. According to the centennial town address by John V Beal, the town was named after Peyton Randolph, first president of the Continental Congress. In it's early days, the town was key manufacturing center of shoes and boots. Randolph is located about 15 miles south of Boston, MA and is currently a diverse town. The attached two images of the bronze and white metal pieces are the only ones I have seen over many years of collecting; due to their rarity and inclusion in a potential 1890s MA obverse series, I thought i'd share them in this post. Many thanks to John Raymond for his fascinating lecture on the WH Warner company presented at the 2017 4th annual so-called gathering in Loveland CO; his talk was one of the most interesting analysis of SCDs I have ever seen.

This one I just acquired is only one I have ever seen,

This So Called Dollar was produced by die sinker/maker G.E. Fownes from New York.