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HK-81B US Cent Expo Bldgs

The 4 Feb 2013 Coin World magazine has a nice article about exonumia related to Coca Cola. Attached below are 3 medals I obtained in a past Holabird-Kagin auction which appear to have been owned by Bill Weber (as they came with his envelopes). Does anyone have more details on these as to who made them? All I can figure is that the two on the left are related to the 1960 Coca Cola convention per the article. The one in the middle appears to be of quite high quality, while the one on the left appears to be a cast piece. They both are heavy 45mm pieces with the obverse replicating the 1915 PPIE $50 gold obverse. The reverse of the two on the left replicate "a 1906 celluloid book mark (also pictured below) used as an advertising piece." My guess is that the 3 medals might have all been made by the same maker given the obverse. The one on the far right is a replica of the PPIE $50.

I like to post information on recent auction results. Recently an HK 81 in NGC 64 BN sold for $840 in a major auction. They are going up in value considerably. I recently sold the exact same grade for $500.