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HK-853 Continental Dollar Copper Restrike

As you all are aware, re-strikes of historical coinage occur, and I have not been collecting these as I don't have a always have a sense yet of what is a historical vs. a modern restrike, but it is an interesting topic, and I know Jeff has an article about this on his website in one of his historical newsletters for his collector club. I did get a piece recently which is a copper version presumed modern restrike of a continental dollar presumably done by Robert Bashlow (with a wrong NGC attribution of HK-853 as a true 853 would be Dickeson in 1859 or Elder in 1910). In any event, I thought i'd post these thoughts to share for comments.

Purchased the item below recently. The article by Bill Hyder and Jeff Shevlin in the Dec 2010 Numismatist article is a wonderful summary of L.H. Moise and the medals (and so called dollars) he helped create, including this one. As mentioned in that article "the coastal city of Santa Cruz suffered from a serious fire in 1894" and in an effort to celebrate rebuilding in a "renaissance" style, the city held this week-long carnival around the San Lorenzo river. The following website ( has more interesting details. The obverse of this medal is apparently struck with the same Type-I dye as used in HK-245. Bill's post ( is also a cool narrative to review if you haven't seen it. edited by rjesinger on 4/28/2012

I've been using the following guide to tell old from new....  the text is directly from Tom Delorey's article.

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The PCGS US Coin Collectors forum has a nice thread on Dickeson:

...and this link is to a very good reference article on these so-called dollars