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National Export Exposition HK-644

The National Export Exposition held in Philadelphia in 1899 encouraged trade between the US and foreign countries.  The Philadelphia Commercial Building is featured on the obverse of HK-644, and the city seal is on the reverse.  HK-644 is known in bronze and white metal.

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I was able to acquire the attached ribbons from the exposition (held Sept to Nov 1899).

The larger ribbon with the red souvenir ribbon was made by J.H. Shaw of Philadelphia (1828 Arch Street).  The Shaw company had various addresses in Philadelphia and was well known for production of political pinbacks.  The company also produced ribbons for the 1895 Atlanta Cotton Exposition (as is recorded in the expo archives).  For comparison, F.C. Key was at 128 Arch Street in 1860 and then at 329 Arch Street in the 1870s.

I have been trying to determine if the J.H. Shaw company had a hand in HK-644 or whether W.H. Warner & Bros struck it as they were active in Philadelphia in 1899.

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A few other additions

(i) HK-644a in bronze...

(ii) An unlisted 44mm bronze SCD from the same exposition (made by S.H. Quint & Sons) with the Philadelphia Commercial Building

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  • HK-unlst-1899-Natl-Export-Expo-1.jpg


Both of these very nice. with the new Shevlin/Hyder book on Expositions I would assume they will be listed when it finally comes out??

Bill G

Yes I believe so.