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How to tell a HK-301 from a HK-303

I had not posted the chart, but is is there now. You can also find it at:

Don't bet the farm on the NGC census as being perfectly accurate (of course we all know this). edited by rjesinger on 5/6/2013

Unfortunately, there is no good way to tell the difference except through color. Jeff and I produced a color chart for the various finishes on the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition official medal. It was published in the August 2012 Numismatist and I think I have a link to the chart here on the discussion board. We will likely produce one for the 1904 medals, but that is a couple of years down the road. The weights should be the same and surface testing will likely not help as well.

It there a way to tell a HK-301 from an HK-303? By weight, chemical test?