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Hudson-Fulton (Combined) Dollars HK-379

Here is my NCS garded piece with no hole or loop

Seems like there are at least 10 of these bronze pieces around (HK-679 MS-61BN attached)... I think this is supposed to be a "tough" piece to find, but this one was sold recently for a decent price....

I'd say nice hangers, but you already know I am biased towards liking them. Great additions to your collection.

I had a chance to buy the Citizens Commission badge with its original case and box. I couldn't pass it up. Just the kind of associated ephemera that I like.

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While I am not a avid collector of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration, I thought i'd post some of the SCDs I have with original ribbons. I think this celebration is important as it showcases river transportation and New York City's upcoming, something that we can trace directly to HK-1 (Erie Canal) and HK-589 (Nassau Water Works). The event also showcased electricity again as other prior expos (Columbian, St Louis) and communication (US Postal Service). An excellent summary is available in: I will defer a post on the Elder pieces (HK-369 to HK-378) to anyone who is a guru on that subject.

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Found this pair of photographs recently... and thought i'd post these gems here....

Found this at the 2013 Holabird-Kagin Auction at the Western States Token Society Show in Sacramento, CA. The condition isn't perfect but the price was ok. The reverse has green/red "toning"... which I wonder about needing to clean as I thought this was white metal...

nine presentation with boxes