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Irvine & Jachens Early Slugs

While Irvine and Jachens were heavily involved in slug facsimile production, another company to be aware of was the Benoit Pasquale Company of San Francisco, CA. This company started in 1854 at 103 Fifth Avenue in San Francisco but primarily did a large amount of business between 1879 and 1950. This company manufactured Army and Navy Badges and other medals, and through the early 1900s, few other companies rivaled their diversity and quality, especially with respect to military uniform items, including officer swords. One item they made is shown below (badge for the 1913 National Assn of Letter Carriers Convention ( Perhaps while not a strict slug facsimile (as this medal is uniface with the back stamped "Pasquale S.F.CAL"), this item has been grouped and sold with other slug facsimiles (eg. 2008 Weber Auction). It makes sense to me that a union related to a govt agency like the US Postal Service might have chosen a company like Pasquale to make a medal for this convention. I wonder if this company made any other slug facsimilies or so-called dollars?

One of the well known manufacturers of slug facsimiles is Irvine & Jachens, Inc. of Daly City, CA ( Their website has a nice section on the history of their company. As a so-called dollar collector, their name is familiar as the producers of many of the HK's that also double as slug facsimiles. If you dig back into the older slugs they are credited with making after rebuilding from the 1906 SF Earthquake, you'll find several mining tokens leading up to the PPIE. One example I own is the J-111 below. One other item I was lucky enough to purchase from the Tom Jankovsky collection is attached - a presumed unique test strike piece. I like the fact that it appears to be copper-plated unlike most lead test strikes (see image below pulled from Jankovsky's reference).

...and while not in the best of condition, here is an HK-424 by I&J related to the PPIE....

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