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I tried to search on the Ebay number that you listed and i could not find the listing. I have some additional information about the AL and Brass pieces that appeared on Ebay last year. There is no question that this was a new die as there were many variations from the original and also it was either 1 or 2 mm larger than the original.

John Raymond,I probably visit your bookmarked site 15-20 times a month. This time I was researching Evacuation of New York City 1883 Type 2 White Metal HK-125e. You have it listed as Raymond 190A. Found everything I needed. But then I found that once again you have completely outdone yourself. AT the very bottom of your unlisteds page is : "Examples of Types that were not Included in HK" click on it and an entire new section of unlisted so calleds appears in 6 more sections. Very very well done. The purpose of this post is to alert anyone who has not discovered your new treasure to visit your site and check it out.I would have left Blondin/ Prince of Wales where it was located.I do not think Anniversaries/Centennials etc with individuals/companies should be declared merchant/trade tokens in any manner at all and should all be included as So Calleds assuming they meet the other qualifications.A serious question. I have a Bennington piece in deep prooflike I am writing up with all my other Bennington pieces. You have it listed as Raymond 195. Is it possible that you could supply the weight of the Silver or Silveroid piece or working in reverse the weight of the white metal piece. My piece is so prooflike and flawless I am having trouble figuring out which piece it is. Again great job!!Bill G.