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LA Purchase Expo Alum Set

The set also comes in brass with a brass box. I have never seen a set myself, but I have seen two boxes.

This set of 5 aluminum so-called dollars (HK-316,319,210,321,322A) comes in an aluminum case, bottom stamped Schwab Stamp & Seal Co Milwaukee. I am aware that several world fairs (eg. Columbian, Midwinter) had so-called dollar sets in cases as well as cases that were actually paperweights. I was wondering if other fellow collectors have sets like this?

I purchased this piece as the bronzes seem to be obtainable in nice condition while the white metal versions seem quite damaged. This theme about clean drinking water is also in the SCD series in the HK-69 pieces (I have a separate post on this under the US Cent Expo section). Please see the post on F.B. Smith & Hartmann under the designers/engravers section of this site. Does anyone have a nice HK-589B or C they'd like to post?

I have purchased a couple of these and they always have had the same 5 SCDs in them. I used to wonder if the boxes were sold separately and the people went to the different buildings and picked up the medals but with all of the sets that I have seen(including yours), the same 5 pieces are there. I am sure now that they were sold as a complete set.