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The Lovetts - father Robert Jr. and his sons Robert Jr., George H. and John D. - produced a large body of work from approximately 1824 to George's death in 1894. Their works include many So-Called Dollar types, many presidential campaign medals from 1860 through 1876, and many other medal types. My favorite issue from this prolific family is the Bombardment of Ft. Sumter So-Called Dollar medals by George H. Lovett. Various medals were made by GHL, mixing the Bombardment obverse with the HK-11 type one reverse (description of the attack), and the type two reverse (Eagle within circle of 34 stars; outside, above around One Flag and One Union; below, around Now and Forever; outside all, circle of leaves; beaded border). The type two eagle reverse was also paired with an obverse of Major General George McClellan in silver, copper, brass, white metal, and silvered white metal as an 1864 Presidential campaign medal for McClellan running against Abraham Lincoln's re-election.

For a reference of the Lovett's prolific medals, please see Dave Baldwin's website at

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