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NGC Grading

They have also started making up numbers and slabbing a very high number of not listed off medals especially in silver. Did you notice they did another HK-746b like you reported.

I acquired this piece out of interest in German involvement in the US in the 1800s and the many So-Called Dollars with German DieSinkers. From what I understand, this piece is from a fundraising fair for German Hospitals (or perhaps a German hospital pictured on the obverse), held in New York City Feb 18-26, 1889. The reverse translates into English as "In Memory of the Fair for all the best (ie. to improve) German Hospitals." John Raymond has this listed as a 39.6mm so-called dollar in his unlisted SCD section (#82a). I did some hunting in the New York Times archive and did fine articles about this Fair, but i'm not sure who made the SCD. I have another piece, separate but along a similar theme -- a silvered Fruitvale California piece celebrating a German Retirement Home. All in all, this second piece fits with my Swiss Colony Silver (European origin), celebrates something in California, and just happens to be a piece celebrating the start of Wine Agriculture in the Napa Valley.