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Pan American Expo Type 2 BUFFALO DOLLAR HK-291a

Different Buffalo Thread ... with a Birds Eye View.. comes both with a single loop at 12 o'clock as well as dual loops

Here is the second type Buffalo Dollar with a beautiful Bird's Eye View reverse


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To answer the previous post, I would definitely say that SCD collectors are interested in die varieties. I think this website has several posts relating to die varieties in a number of SCD pieces (eg. WCE medals, Moise pieces). There are also variations such as die rotations; for example, the image of an HK-287 from the Don Ensley collection imaged below is a good example of known die rotations for the reverse of HK-287-289. Jeff specifically mentioned this in one of his ANA Summer Seminars. As for HK-291A, it sure seems like a SCD to me. Too bad I don't own one (... yet?). Liberty cap, post photos !

I thought i'd post this undated piece here that is to be a souvenir from the same fair. The buffalo on the front seems to be the same engraving of the buffalo on a number of other pieces from this fair. It is large enough to be considered a SCD, but perhaps it's more of a parallel interest piece.

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