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Reference Material - Jankovsky

Reference material - Jankovsky

As you are aware, a number of slug facsimiles are also so-called dollars (eg. HK-423-425; HK496-498; HK-503-505). Many people have crossed into collecting slug facsimiles, probably the more famous names being Bill Weber and Tom Jankovsky. I too became interested in these medals.... but was a little at a loss without a good guide-book. I purchased Tom Jankovsky's 2008 Reference Guide to So-Called Slugs, and it really is a great place to start... as is Jeff's outstanding work in the 2008 Holabird & Kagin - Bill Weber Auction Catalog. If you don't have either of these, you should get one. I am thrilled Jeff agreed to allow this section on his website. I plan to post info on the items I have collected or seen. One link you might want to take a peek at for starters is: edited by rjesinger on 12/27/2012