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SCD Color - Brown, Red-Brown, Red

Some of the medals from the 1800s have patinas applied that differ from what is done today. The patina creates the chocolate or mahogany finish that is so striking and desirable. I don't think the RD, RB, or BN designations really apply to those pieces unless they were issued without the patina being applied.

This token was made in 1908 by Irvine W. & Jachens on Market St San Francisco. It was made for a group of Redmen in San Francisco who called themselves the oldest group in the United States dating back to the 1600's. It appears to be gold plated as made, is thick and heavy like all the regular slugs and is exquisitely engraved like a medal with great depth and extreme detail.Admitedly pictures don't do it justice but best I could do. Does anyone know anything about it or if it would be considered a slug? or So Called Dollar? ,