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Silver HK-482

Saw this silver HK-482. Is it possible that some graded WM HK-482's are actually silver? If so what percent? You would think NGC would be able to tell the difference between silver and WM. It seems like re-strikes of more modern pieces is increasing.

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I am aware of four different dies to strike HK 482. I have a piece I believe to be silver plated. It is hard to say for certain, but based on the photos attached these are struck from original dies and possibly could have been struck in silver in 1939. I would have to see the piece in person to have a more definitive opinion.

The NGC census shows about 28 "white metal" HK-482 pieces, but recently one surfaced that is Silver (below, HK-482B). It sold for a hefty sum. I'm wondering how many of the other HK-482 pieces in holders (or not for that matter) are silver... but not realized to be so. Any chance someone acquired the dies and did a silver re-strike?

It would appear that with the volume of the aluminum HK-465 in mint state condition that have been sold in the last two weeks on ebay that this die also has been compromised and again making restrikes. (and no 1973 or anything else following the word progress) How did this silver HK-482 ever get slabbed? Volume slabber?? They reject slabbing the silver World Columbian.

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