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Treasure Island Photos 2015 - Part I

Treasure Island Photos from 2015

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Attached are some photos from the August 2015 So-Called Gathering Tour of Treasure Island and the 1939-1940 GGIE sites that remain. There is a very nice history center on Treasure Island that provides an overview of the fair and Pan Am Flying Clipper Ships, the conversion of the island to a Naval Base, Naval activity from the 1940s-1997, and the transition of the island into new development. Here are some of the explanations for each photo: GGIE1-Administration building where fairgoers entered; also meant to be the terminal for the Pan Am Flying Clipper Ships GGIE2/3-One of the refurbished statues from the original GGIE; a key theme of the fair was pacific islander culture and pacific unity which is reflected in the statues GGIE4-View of the bay bridge connector to San Francisco If you ever get the chance to visit San Francisco, it's probably worth a few hours. More detailed information is available at:

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