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Unlisted SCD's and NGC

Hello Engineer! I missed you seems like you were gone for awhile. Missed your super graded shares with us. I think the confusion with NGC grading unlisted so calleds centers around the 2nd Edition book certifying 20 more so calleds and notifying NGC to certify them. If you visit John Raymonds Home Page you will see his Links to other So Called Dollar Stuff. 4th down is 2nd Edition Book Websight. When you get there 2nd from the bottom of the black boxes says New Discoveries. When this is clicked it shows you the 20 NEW listings that the 2nd Edition has officially sanctioned and they are the 20 that NGC has mysteriously been assigning HK numbers to that we can't figure out. But if their not god blessed and sanctioned by 2nd Edition NGC still won't grade them. his K

Does anyone know if NGC has gone back to grading unlisted SCD's?

Engineer, yes as of sept 1 at least they have especially metal varieties

Bill G

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