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Valley Forge HK-126, HK-136, HK-137 and Restrike

The significance of the hard winter at Valley Forge (NW of Philadelphia) is said to have led to a strong will to persevere and triumph over obstacles among the US Continental Army Troops in 1777-1778. The 41mm HK-136 (63 silver) and HK-137 (437 bronze) SCDs were produced in 1878 by the US Mint to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Valley Forge. A reproduction of this bronze medal was made by the US Mint (suspected around 1978, No. 614) in yellow-bronze with matte surfaces. The silver medals are rare, expensive (thousands of dollars), and sought-after. The bronze can fetch a high price (hundreds) depending on the condition. The restrikes can be had for under $100. A few of these pieces from 1878 may have been made in Gold and Aluminum, but I have not seen these in person.

I recently obtained this HK-126c white metal (R-5) mint-state SCD from 1890 commemorating the 112th Anniv of the Valley Forge Evacuation. Aside from the H+K book, this design is also listed in the Rulau & Fuld Medallic Portraits of Washington 2nd ed, page 94 (J-195), and its amazing to me the number of medals and SCD related to George Washington that we could collect.

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