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Wooden Exonumia Pieces

Collecting pressed wood medals is an entire other collecting area that I have been fascinated with.... but it's something I have not really been heavily in as (to me) a lot of the pieces are in and around the 1876 Centennial Expo.  There are several recent good articles --April 2018 Numismatist article by Donald Tritt, and his prior Feb 2012 article  also in the Numismatist.  The attached ANA info is also useful.

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There have been a number of very good articles about medals made from wood. These articles are the Feb 2012 article on Wooden Exonumia in the Numismatist as well as the recent Dec 2012 article on the 1876 Centennial Expo Wooden Medals in Coin World. Several acquaintances of mine have shown me some excellent pieces they own, so I purchased a few of the 1876 wooden medals in some auctions (but eventually sold them). For me, there are connections to so-called dollars as several of these wooden exonumia pieces were sold just like so-called dollars at world fairs, and... specifically, there is an R-10 (unique) wooden medal that is the same as the HK-20-22 design (classified as a Spangenberger-1 after the classic articles in Mar/Apr 1969 issues of the Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine). For the 1876 US Centennial, 10 wooden medals types are known (classified as Spangenberger-1 to Spangenberger-10). S-1 and S-2 are likely unique/difficult/impossible to find, where as S-3 and S-6 are more common. The sizes of these medals (62 and 76mm) are larger than typical SCD 44mm upper limit, so while they are not so-called dollars, they are interesting historical pieces that may be of interest to so-called dollar collectors. There are also rectangular wooden exonumia pieces... which you will have to read the above articles to find out more about. At the 2012 ANA Summer Seminar, a beautiful number of these pieces were shared by an attendee, and I thought they were fantastic.

Here is a wooden 1850 Jenny Lind piece that sold recently in a Holabird auction; interesting item.

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