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HK-250A Gilt Expo View


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I had not seen one of these before (although it will be in Jeff/Bill's future book), so I thought i'd post the image here.

Photo of the actual original site of the 1894 Midwinter Fair taken from the de Young Museum overlooking the site in Golden Gate Park.... taken in August 2015 during the most recent "So Called Gathering". The building across the park is the academy of sciences and up in the hill in the background is UCSF Medical Center. A good number of the statues around the current park are ORIGINAL from the 1894 Midwinter Expo... I included some of the photos I took of them. The Japanese Tea Garden is also still present and remains an amazing place to visit.

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Nice medal Jesinger.  best I've seen so far.  unfortunately your other pictures besides the birds eye view do not show up....



You are right... re-posed the status photos here.  Thanks!

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