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Interesting pair of H&K 245s

A few years ago I bought a beautiful example of H&K 245 for an inexpensive price because the reverse had been struck something such as grease. I got a beautiful example of the state seal and a "damaged" reverse. The reverse was actually BU except it was a struck through, probably worth something as a coin, but less attractive as a medal. Then, a few weeks ago, I bought a mate. I'm not sure the link will work, but I'll give it a try: Does anyone else maybe have a third example?

Very interesting, not something I have seen before on a medal. I'll keep my eye out for the third piece.

You would think with the majority of SCD's being privately produced there would be a lot of errors but that is not the case. Errors on SCD's are seldom seen. Bill, I really like your struck through Cal Midwinter official gold-plated pieces. Pretty cool and excessively rare.

Here's one (HK-245) I found recently Bill...

Amazing that there are three of these now. The gold-plated medals were sold on opening day. People must not have looked closely at what they were buying or they did not care that the pieces were imperfect.