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Modern SCDs 1965-1970

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Attached are pictures of my 1968 Hemisfair San Antonio World's Fair silver medal graded MS 66. I live in San Antonio, Texas and my family moved here in 1969, one year after the World's Fair.

This 1970 American Fisheries Society Silver Medal (1300 struck, 39.7mm, 31.5g) went quickly on e-bay recently and I missed it. Congratulations to the new owner. These seem impossible to find/buy in spite of the mintage... well, at least there is one that survived the melting pot I guess...

There are many medals which would fall into this category. I saw listed here the Middlefield, Connecticut piece of 1966. Many of the New England states city and town medals were catalogged in about a dozen volumes by Robert R. Heath. He used to issue his own updates to his followers, but sorry to say he is now deceased. His reference materials are quite hard to come by, yet quite thorough. MOST of the medals, probably many hundreds, if not thousands, he had listed are post ~1960, and would classify as so-called dollars. They fit the size and category typical of SCDs. I have over 300 of these medals in bronze, about another 150 in silver, and some other metals as well. Most of these medals (in silver) were less than 500 struck with many around 200 - 250. Being these have been previously catalogged, are they a viable candidate for re-listing as a SCD? One can answer this either way and be correct in my thinking. He produced the following information: Connecticut - 2 Volumes Maine - 2 Volumes Massachusetts - 4 Volumes New Hampshire - 2 Volumes Rhode Island - 1 Volume Vermont - 1 Volume Each of these volumes contain information on around 100+ medals each... some more ... some less... That equates to around 1200 medals he had listed during his life. Heath's information needs updating, and re-publishing so more collectors can have access. I think it would be almost impossible to locate his information now. Luckily I have access to it.

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