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Spanish American War - U.S. Battleship Maine HK-285 and HK-286

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It is a Schwaab Stamp & Seal badge, pictured here on its hanger: The badge was sold for the welcome home parade. The NSGW presented veterans with their own badge (struck after hours at the San Francisco mint with the NSGW covering the labor costs): My article can be found in the 2013 PCNS Papers available at:

The sinking of the USS Maine in Havana, Cuba harbor was one of the catalysts that led to the Spanish-American War, which led to the US engagements in both the Caribbean and the Philippines. Whether the sinking was an accident from an internal explosion vs. external explosion is a matter of debate. The war led to the US acquiring control of Puerto Rico (in the Caribbean after the victories in Cuba) and Guam (in the pacific, after the battle of Manila Bay). The roughly 3 month war is an interesting time in American history, American politics, US Navy and Marine history (Battle of San Juan Hill; Battle of Manila Bay), the rise of Teddy Roosevelt, and has interesting parallels to ongoing US involvement in overseas fights for independence. This "Remember the Maine" so-called dollar set has clear connections with HK-280/280a (Battle of Manila Bay under Admiral George Dewey) and the subsequently issued HK-350 to HK-352d as Admiral Robley Evans was Captain of the first ship firing the first gun against the Spaniards at Santiago de Cuba in Cuba in 1898. I would think that owners of HK-285/286 would want to own pieces like HK-280 and from HK-350 to 352d. Other posts on this site reference a number of unlisted so-called dollars in this timeframe (eg. USS Olympia was Dewey's flagship and visited Washington so pieces beyond HK-352d exist). Overall, these turn-of-the-century pieces are timepieces commemorating some key events in US Naval Power and History. Attached are some images of the so-called dollars from this series. Please feel free to post medals/badges or other interesting history from the 1898 era. edited by rjesinger on 4/4/2015

This badge celebrates Dewey's visit to New York. I like the USS Olympia. I've also attached an image of HK-280.

I thought i'd also mention for completeness to this post that the October 1898 Peace Jubilee in Philadelphia (HK-643) was a significant event to honor the military who served in the Spanish American War. The following link is a good summery: Other cities had similar events near the end of 1898, including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Washington DC. The H&K book says that SCDs from those events don't qualify as they were "holed," but the gilt piece below from Chicago (not Philadelphia) on the badge was NOT holed. Attached is a SCD piece and a Chicago badge.

I ran across this piece at the 2016 WESTS show in Jackson, CA at Herb's table. It's a medal from 1899 out of San Francisco commemorating the men who served in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. I didn't buy it. Bill Hyder mentioned he wrote an article about this in the past.... i'll have to see if I can find a photo of this piece on it's hanger.

Hi, this piece just showed up on EBay and I immediately grabbed it. I welcome all comments.

I thought i'd post some 39mm USS Maine Souvenir pieces here for interest. One might argue these are in the category of store cards, but I think they are a bit different given their commemorative nature. The Doll company obtained about 1,200 pounds of scrap metal from the USS Maine from the New York Navy Yard and produced numerous medals and other relics for public consumption. As an aside, the "Ye Dairy Farm" was a "quaint rural drama in four acts" written by Eleanor Merron Cowper. The play enjoyed considerable success playing across the country continuously for over three years.

Here is the reverse!

This looks like a brass or gilt HK-286... nice find !

No, that piece is pretty rare.

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