So-Called Dollars Listed by Decade Category

Below are all SCD’s in our database, grouped by decade category.


1826 Erie Canal Completion SCD (1826)HK-1001
1826 U.S. Semicentennial SCD (1826)HK-4


1857 Dr. Kane SCD (1857)HK-756
1859 Nassau Water Works Silver SCD (1859)HK-589C
1859 Nassau Water Works White Metal SCD (1859)HK-589B


Bombardment of Fort Sumter (1861)HK-11B
Dickeson Continental Dollar & Modern Restrikes (1861)HK-852
Dickeson Perseverando/Confederation (1861)HK-866B
Grant Transcontinental Railway Completion (1869)HK-12A
Heenan Boxing Champion of America (1860)HK-10
Sayers Boxing Champion of England (1860)HK-10B


Battle of Lexington Centennial (1875)HK-17
Battle of Lexington Centennial (1875)HK-16
Battle of Saratoga Monument (1877)HK-119A
Pilgrim Jubilee Memorial (1870)HK-15
San Francisco Mint Coining Press (1873)HK-1003A
Washington Valley Forge Centennial (1878)HK-136
Wyoming Battle & Massacre Centennial (1878)HK-120C


Battle of Groton Heights Centennial (1881)HK-125C
William Penn & U.S. Mint Pennsylvania Bicentennial (1882)HK-139
William Penn Pennsylvania Bicentennial Official Medal (1882)HK-138


50th Anniversary of the Settlement of Utah (1897)HK-1009A
Battle of Manila Bay Admiral George Dewey (1898)HK-280A
Remember the Maine (1898)HK-285
South Carolina General Assembly Centennial (1891)HK-621


Atlantic City 50th Anniversary (1904)HK-651
Atlantic City 50th Anniversary Splashing Waves (1904)HK-651B
Bryan Dollar Cartwheel with Legend (1900)HK-782
Bryan the Great Commoner by Thomas Elder (1908)HK-805
Bryan the Great Commoner by Thomas Elder (1908)HK-807
Denver Mint Opening (1905)HK-876
Evacuation of Boston 125th Anniversary (1901)HK-131
Evacuation of Valley Forge 125th Anniversary (1903)HK-132
Hudson-Fulton Celebration Large Hendrik Hudson Daalder (1909)HK-370
Louisiana Statehood Centennial Pelican (1912)HK-396
Portola Festival Bear/Gaspar De Portola (1909)HK-389
San Francisco Earthquake and Fire (1906)HK-340
United States Navy World Voyage Admiral Evans (1908)HK-350
Wells Fargo Semicentennial (1902)HK-296


Brian Boru (1910)HK-390
Panama Canal Completion (1914)HK-398


Wilson Dollar Manila Mint Opening (1920)HK-1031


McCormick Reaper Centennial (1931)HK-460
Pacific American International Exposition Anticipation Medal (1930)HK-459
William Penn Arrival in America 250th Anniversary (1932)HK-461


California Gold Discovery Centennial (1948)HK-497


1950 Washington, DC Sesquicentennial SCD (1950)HK-507
1954 Cradle of the Union Celebration SCD (1954)HK-511
1958 Minnesota Statehood Centennial Alexandria SCD (1958)HK-519
1959 Colorado Rush to the Rockies Centennial SCD (1959)HK-542
1959 Nevada Silver Centennial SCD (1959)HK-552
1959 Oregon Statehood Centennial Gold Buchanan-Eisenhower SCD (1959)HK-554
1959 Oregon Statehood Centennial Silver Buchanan-Eisenhower SCD (1959)HK-553


Alaska Festival of Music (1960)HK-575
Boy Scouts of America 50th Anniversary Jamboree (1960)HK-577
Kansas Statehood Centennial (1961)HK-586
Mobile, Alabama 250th Anniversary (1961)HK-587
Pony Express Centennial (1960)HK-583
Pony Express Termination Centennial (1961)HK-589