So-Called Dollars Listed by HK Number

HK Ref. SH Ref. Name
SH 3-1 S1878 Pittsburgh Exposition Official Medal
SH 3-11 WM1879 Pittsburgh Exposition Official Medal
SH 3-31 1880 Inter-State Industrial Exposition Official SCD
SH 4-21 CU1884 St. Louis Exposition Official Medal
SH 4-71 WM1886 Minneapolis Industrial Exposition Official Medal
SH 4-82 WM1887 Minneapolis Souvenir Medal
SH 4-81 WM1887 St. Louis Exposition Official Medal
SH 26-1 P1964 New York World’s Fair Official SCD
SH 26-18 BS1964 NYWF Boy Scout SCD
SH 26-18 BS1964 NYWF Boy Scout SCD
SH 26-4 BZ1964 NYWF Georgia Day SCD
SH 26-2 S1964 NYWF Hall of Education SCD
SH 26-5 BS1964 NYWF Illinois Lincoln Peace through Understanding SCD
SH 26-7 BS1964 NYWF Illinois Lincoln Profile Bust SCD
SH 26-6 BS1964 NYWF Illinois Lincoln with State Seal SCD
SH 26-12 G1964 NYWF Jacqueline Kennedy SCD
SH 26-10 SP1964 NYWF John F. Kennedy SCD
SH 26-11 S1964 NYWF Kennedy 35th President SCD
SH 26-11 S1964 NYWF Kennedy 35th President SCD
SH 26-8 BS1964 NYWF Lincoln & Kennedy SCD
SH 26-9 GP1964 NYWF Louisiana Pavilion Rex King SCD
SH 26-13 1964 NYWF Maryland Francis Scott Key Member SCD
SH 26-17 BS1964 NYWF Morley Studios SCD
SH 26-3 1964 NYWF New York State Exhibit SCD
SH 26-14 BZ1964 NYWF Oklahoma State Exhibit SCD
SH 26-19 BZ1964 NYWF Olympic Team Trials SCD
SH 26-19 BZ1964 NYWF Olympic Team Trials SCD
SH 26-20 SP1964 NYWF Singer Bowl Stadium SCD
SH 26-20 SP1964 NYWF Singer Bowl Stadium SCD
SH 26-16 WM1964 NYWF U.S. Steel Corporation SCD
SH 26-15 GP, SP1964 NYWF Unisphere with Dates SCD
SH 16-4 SPBSAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Expo. Official Medal
SH 16-20 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Asymmetrical Rays / Manufactures Building
SH 16-21 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Eight Thick Rays / Manufactures Building Cracked Die
SH 16-22 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Eight Thick Rays / Manufactures Building No Dots
SH 16-2 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Mint Obverse / Government Building
SH 16-3 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Mint Reverse / Government Building
SH 16-18 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Nine Rays / U.S. Government Building 3 Flags
SH 16-19 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Nineteen Rays / U.S. Government Building 5 Flags
SH 16-15 CUAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Pointed Rays / Unsigned
SH 16-9 BZAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Seward Official Souvenir
SH 16-11 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Seward-Seattle N.C.W. & S.
SH 16-13 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Symmetrical Rays Alaska KA – Schwaab
SH 16-14 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Symmetrical Rays Alaska SK – Schwaab
SH 16-17 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Thin Rays / U.S. Government Building 4 Flags
SH 16-23 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Uniface Washington Building
SH 5-41 WMAugusta National Exposition Official Medal
SH 7-7 ALCalifornia Bear / Golden Gate – Blumenfield
SH 7-7 AL/BZCalifornia Bear / Golden Gate – Blumenfield
SH 22-1 California Pacific International Exposition
SH 22-2 NPCCalifornia Pacific Paramount Pictures
SH 22-3 GPCalifornia Pacific U.S. Flag
SH 2-84 SCentennial Abraham Lincoln
SH 2-30 SCentennial American Colonies / Scrolls
SH 2-87 BZCentennial Catholic See How We Prosper
SH 2-50 WMCentennial Declaration of Independence Demarest / Declaration of Independence four seated
SH 2-48 SCentennial Declaration of Independence Demarest / John Hancock Signature
SH 2-49 WMCentennial Declaration of Independence Three Seated One Standing / John Hancock Signature
SH 2-52 WMCentennial Declaration of Independence three seated one standing / Washington Ornamental Bust
SH 2-75 WMCentennial Delphos School
SH 2-88 SCentennial England See How We Prosper
SH 2-83 CUCentennial Eternal Vigilance
SH 2-22 CUCentennial Fountain / Star
SH 2-90 WMCentennial France See How We Prosper
SH 2-33 BZCentennial General George Washington / Crossing the Delaware
SH 2-89 BZCentennial German See How We Prosper
SH 2-44 GPCentennial Grand Entrance
SH 2-37 WMCentennial Liberty Bell / Children’s HOP
SH 2-10 CUCentennial Liberty Bell / Garland
SH 2-4 WMCentennial Liberty Bell Rounded 6 / Independence Hall
SH 2-73 SCentennial Lovett Large & Small Bust
SH 2-71 BZCentennial Lovett Small Bust Battle of Fort Washington
SH 2-68 BZCentennial Lovett Small Bust Battle of Harlem Plains
SH 2-69 BZCentennial Lovett Small Bust Battle of Lake Champlain
SH 2-67 BZCentennial Lovett Small Bust Battle of Long Island
SH 2-65 BZCentennial Lovett Small Bust Battle of Moores Creek
SH 2-66 WMCentennial Lovett Small Bust Battle of Sullivan’s Island
SH 2-72 BZCentennial Lovett Small Bust Battle of Trenton
SH 2-70 BZCentennial Lovett Small Bust Battle of White Plains
SH 2-29 CUCentennial Seated Liberty / Scrolls
SH 2-20.1 WMCentennial Seated Liberty / Star
SH 2-82 BZCentennial Seventh Regiment Visit
SH 2-27 CUCentennial Small Independence Hall / Scrolls
SH 2-85 WMCentennial Ulysses S. Grant
SH 2-56 BSCentennial Union Forever
SH 2-77 BSCentennial Washington / Memorial Building
SH 2-78 BSCentennial Washington / Memorial Building Copyright
SH 2-91 WMCentennial Washington and Liberty Bell on Shields
SH 2-76 WMCentennial Washington First in War
SH 2-92 WMCentennial Washington Grand Entrance SCD
SH 2-79 WMCentennial Washington Independence Hall
SH 2-15 CUCentennial Washington Large Bust / American Colonies
SH 2-31 WMCentennial Washington Large Bust / Crossing the Delaware
SH 2-12 CUCentennial Washington Large Bust / Independence Hall
SH 2-32 WMCentennial Washington Large Bust / New Jersey Seal
SH 2-17 SCentennial Washington Large Bust / Scrolls
SH 2-18 WMCentennial Washington Large Bust / Star
SH 2-55 WMCentennial Washington Ornamental Bust / Commemoration
SH 2-54 WMCentennial Washington Ornamental Bust / John Hancock Signature
SH 2-86 WMCentennial Washington See How We Prosper
SH 2-80 WMCentennial Washington with Sword Memorial Hall
SH 25-1 Century 21 Exposition Official
SH 18-33 GPColumbia Slug
SH 5-101 ALCorn Belt Exposition Official Medal
SH 5-102 ALCorn Belt Simple Invitation Medal
SH 7-32 GDays of Gold Souvenir
SH 7-11 ALElectric Tower / Wonderful Aluminum
SH 7-33 GEureka Cal Gold Closed Wreath Nobel
SH 7-28 GPSExposition View / Golden Gate
SH 5-11 BZFlorida Sub-Tropical Exposition Official Medal
SH 25-11 GGold Liberty Head Century 21
SH 23-7 GPGolden Gate International Exposition Protestant Lord’s Prayer / Tower of Sun
SH 7-15 BPWMGrizzly Bear / Administration Building
SH 18-35 GHart’s Gold Coins of the West 1915, Octagonal Minerva
SH 18-34 GHart’s Gold Coins of the West 1915, Round Minerva
SH 25-10 AYBZHigh Relief Century 21 Uniface Medallion
SH 25-4 SHigh Relief Million Dollar Display
SH 25-3.1 PHigh Relief Monorail
SH 25-2 GPBZHigh Relief Space Needle
SH 25-9 SHigh Relief World of Art
SH 25-6 SHigh Relief World of Century 21
SH 25-7 GHigh Relief World of Commerce and Industry
SH 25-8 BZHigh Relief World of Entertainment
SH 25-5 BZHigh Relief World of Science
SH 4-121 WMHornellsville Exposition Official Medal
SH 1-11 WMInter-State Industrial Exposition Official Medal
SH 14-16 BZLewis – Clark Agricultural Days
SH 14-15 BZLewis – Clark Baby Day
SH 14-15 SPLewis – Clark Baby Day
SH 14-12 BSLewis & Clark Marching to the Sun
SH 14-9 BSLewis & Clark Silly Head/Washington Building
SH 14-6 GPBZLewis & Clark Stern Head / Government Building
SH 14-8 BSLewis & Clark Stern Head/Washington Building
SH 14-3 ASPLewis and Clark 34mm
SH 14-3 ABZLewis and Clark 34mm
SH 14-3 SPLewis and Clark 34mm
SH 14-4 ALLewis and Clark 36mm
SH 14-5 BZLewis and Clark 38mm / Shattered Reverse Die
SH 14-1 BSLewis and Clark Centennial Exposition Official Medal
SH 14-13 BZLewis and Clark Coming of the White Man
SH 14-13 SPLewis and Clark Coming of the White Man
SH 14-14 GLewis and Clark Miner Oregon Gold
SH 14-10 GLewis and Clark Mt. Hood Gold
SH 14-2 ASPLewis and Clark No Date
SH 14-2 SPLewis and Clark No Date
SH 25-14 GPLow Relief Million Dollar Display
SH 25-13 SPLow Relief Monorail
SH 25-12 GPLow Relief Space Needle
SH 18-28 CULucky Charm
SH 5-53 BZMaryland Mayor Latrobe Medal
SH 5-51 BZMaryland State Exposition Official Medal
SH 7-31 ALMidwinter Exposition Shell
SH 5-81 CUMineral and Industrial Exposition Official Medal
SH 4-72 WMMinneapolis Industrial Exposition Official Medal
SH 4-111 BSNational Agricultural Exposition Official Medal
SH 10-11 BZNational Export Exposition Official Medal
SH 3-41 WMNational Mining & Industrial Exposition Official Medal
SH 5-61 WMNational Railway Electric & Industrial Exposition Official Medal
SH 5-72 WMNebraska State Corn and Turnip Medal
SH 5-73 BZNebraska State Livestock Medal
SH 5-71 WMNorthwestern Industrial Exposition Official Medal
SH 18-29 GPOfficial Souvenir Slug
SH 5-3 WMOhio Valley Eagle on Drum Medal
SH 19-7 SPanama-California Glory to America
SH 19-9 GPPanama-California Home Economy / Good Luck
SH 19-6 SPBSPanama-California Mission / Deep Water Harbor
SH 19-8 ABZPanama-California New Mexico State
SH 19-5 CUPanama-California Souvenir with Rays / Canal Opening
SH 19-4 GPPanama-California West Gate / Canal Opening
SH 4-101 BZPiedmont Exposition Official Medal
SH 25-18 BZSaint Chrisopher’s Century 21
SH 25-16 GPSeattle World’s Fair
SH 3-61 WMSouthern Exposition Official Medal
SH 18-30 BZSouvenir Slug Design.Pat Right
SH 25-17 ALSpace Needle / Good Luck
SH 25-15 GPSpace Needle Monument
SH 7-12 ALSpanish Exhibit
SH 4-52 WMSt. Louis Agricultural & Mechanical Medal
SH 4-51 WMSt. Louis Enterprises Exposition Official Medal
SH 18-4 BZStanding Minerva / Battleship Multiple Portholes
SH 18-2 BZTaft Ground Breaking
SH 2-25 STotal Abstinence / Scrolls
SH 18-27 SUniface Columbia
SH 7-30 BSUniface Golden Gate
SH 7-29 BSUniface State Seal
HK-41826 U.S. Semicentennial SCD
HK-5SH 1-1 BSNew York Crystal Palace Official Medal
HK-6SH 1-1 WMNew York Crystal Palace Official Medal
HK-7ASH 1-2 WMCrystal Palace Industry of All Nations
HK-10Heenan Boxing Champion of America
HK-10BSayers Boxing Champion of England
HK-11BBombardment of Fort Sumter
HK-12AGrant Transcontinental Railway Completion
HK-15Pilgrim Jubilee Memorial
HK-16Battle of Lexington Centennial
HK-17Battle of Lexington Centennial
HK-19SH 2-2 SCentennial Exposition Nevada
HK-20SH 2-1 SCentennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-23SH 2-3 S PRCentennial Exposition Liberty Bell/Independence Hall
HK-27SH 2-46 CUCentennial Small Liberty Bell No Star / Independence Hall With Trees
HK-27BSH 2-45 SCentennial Small Liberty Bell With Star / Independence Hall With Trees
HK-31SH 2-5 CUCentennial Washington Military Bust / Liberty Bell
HK-32ASH 2-11 CUCentennial Washington Large Bust / Liberty Bell
HK-33BSH 2-35 WMCentennial Liberty Bell / Siloam M.E. Church
HK-34BSH 2-36 WMCentennial Liberty Bell / Cumberland M.E. Church
HK-35SH 2-34 CUCentennial Liberty Bell / Sunday School
HK-37SH 2-9 CUCentennial Liberty Bell / G.A.R. Badge
HK-39SH 2-6 SCentennial Washington Military Bust / Independence Hall
HK-42SH 2-13 SCentennial Washington Large Bust / Small Independence Hall
HK-46ASH 2-8 CUCentennial Independence Hall / Chosen Friends
HK-47ASH 2-19 CUCentennial Small Independence Hall / Star
HK-51SH 2-26 WMCentennial Seated Liberty / Small Independence Hall
HK-53SH 2-14 CUCentennial Washington Large Bust / Seated Liberty
HK-56SH 2-28 SCentennial Seated Liberty / American Colonies
HK-58SH 2-28 GPCentennial Seated Liberty / American Colonies
HK-62SH 2-24 SCentennial Fountain / Scrolls
HK-68SH 2-16 WMCentennial Washington Large Bust / Centennial Fountain
HK-69ASH 2-23 SCentennial Fountain / Total Abstinence
HK-70BSH 2-7 WMCentennial Washington Military Bust / Scrolls
HK-72CSH 2-21 CUCentennial American Colonies / Star
HK-74SH 2-53 WMCentennial Declaration of Independence three seated one standing / Commemoration
HK-75ASH 2-47 SCentennial Declaration of Independence Demarest / Washington Ornamental Bust
HK-79ASH 2-51 SCentennial Declaration of Independence four seated / Washington Ornamental Bust
HK-81ASH 2-38 SCentennial Main Building / Free People
HK-83SH 2-40 CUCentennial Art Gallery / Free People
HK-86SH 2-40 GUPCentennial Art Gallery / Free People
HK-87ASH 2-39 SCentennial Horticultural Hall / Free People
HK-89SH 2-43 CUCentennial Art Gallery / Horticultural Hall
HK-89ASH 2-41 WMCentennial Main Building / Art Gallery
HK-89FSH 2-42 GPCentennial Main Building / Horticultural Hall
HK-91SH 2-57 BZCentennial Exposition Lovett Battle of Moores Creek Bridge
HK-92SH 2-57 WMCentennial Lovett Battle of Moores Creek
HK-93SH 2-58 SCentennial Lovett Battle of Sullivan’s Island
HK-96SH 2-59 SCentennial Lovett Battle of Long Island
HK-100SH 2-60 BZCentennial Lovett Battle of Harlem Plains
HK-102SH 2-61 SCentennial Lovett Battle of Lake Champlain
HK-107SH 2-62 WMCentennial Lovett Battle of White Plains
HK-108SH 2-63 SCentennial Lovett Battle of Fort Washington
HK-112SH 2-64 BZCentennial Lovett Battle of Trenton
HK-115SH 2-74 BZCentennial Children of America
HK-118SH 2-81 WMCentennial Washington and Grant
HK-119ABattle of Saratoga Monument
HK-120CWyoming Battle & Massacre Centennial
HK-125CBattle of Groton Heights Centennial
HK-131Evacuation of Boston 125th Anniversary
HK-132Evacuation of Valley Forge 125th Anniversary
HK-136Washington Valley Forge Centennial
HK-138William Penn Pennsylvania Bicentennial Official Medal
HK-139William Penn & U.S. Mint Pennsylvania Bicentennial
HK-142SH 4-1 WMWorld’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-142ASH 4-1 BZWorld’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-146Ohio Valley Exposition George Washington
HK-147ASH 5-1 BZOhio Valley and Central States Exposition Official Medal
HK-154Worlds Columbian Exposition Official Medal Large Letters
HK-155Worlds Columbian Exposition Official Medal Small Letters
HK-206World’s Columbian Exposition Standing Female/Manufacturers Building
HK-221World’s Columbian Exposition Liberty Head Dollar
HK-223Worlds Columbian Exposition St. Gaudens
HK-245SH 7-1 GPCalifornia Midwinter Exposition Official Medal
HK-245SH 7-1 BSCalifornia Midwinter Exposition Official Medal
HK-245SH 7-1 SPCalifornia Midwinter Exposition Official Medal
HK-245ASH 7-2 BSMoise State Seal
HK-245ASH 7-2 ALMoise State Seal
HK-245ASH 7-2 GPMoise State Seal
HK-246SH 7-5 ALElectric Tower – Blumenfield
HK-247SH 7-6 ALFirth Wheel – Blumenfield
HK-248SH 7-4 WMMichael de Young – Blumenfield
HK-248ASH 7-4 GPWMMichael de Young – Blumenfield
HK-249SH 7-27 ALEarly Electric Tower / State Seal – Hanson
HK-250SH 7-28 ALExposition View / Golden Gate
HK-251SH 7-8 ALElectric Tower / Mechanics Art
HK-252SH 7-9 ALElectric Tower / Stamped in Mechanics Building
HK-253SH 7-10 ALMechanics Art / Stamped in Mechanics Building
HK-254SH 7-16 ALExposition View / Ornate Five Edifaces – Schwaab
HK-255SH 7-17 ALExposition View / San Francisco Facts – Schwaab
HK-256SH 7-18 ALState Seal / Ornate Five Edifaces – Schwaab
HK-257SH 7-19 ALState Seal / San Francisco Facts – Schwaab
HK-258SH 7-14 ALAdministration Building – Noble
HK-259SH 7-13 ALCalifornia Midwinter Exposition Grizzly Bear/Exposition View
HK-260SH 7-20 ALState Seal / Plain Five Edifaces
HK-261SH 7-3 ALGround Breaking Souvenir
HK-262SH 7-21 ALLauer Exposition View
HK-263SH 7-23 ALLauer Fine Arts Building
HK-264SH 7-25 ALLauer Mechanics Building
HK-265SH 7-24 ALLauer Agricultural Building
HK-266SH 7-26 ALLauer Manufactures Building
HK-267SH 7-22 ALLauer Administration Building
HK-268Cotton States & International Exposition Official Medal
HK-274Tennessee Centennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-280ABattle of Manila Bay Admiral George Dewey
HK-281Trans-Mississippi & International Exposition Official Medal
HK-281ATrans-Mississippi & International Exposition Floral Parade
HK-285Remember the Maine
HK-287Pan-American Exposition Official Medal
HK-294South Carolina Exposition Official Medal
HK-296Wells Fargo Semicentennial
HK-301Louisiana Purchase Exposition Official Medal
HK-308Louisiana Purchase Exposition President Roosevelt
HK-311ALouisiana Purchase Exposition Napoleon & Jefferson/Good Luck
HK-325SH 14-1 SLewis and Clark Centennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-326SH 14-1 GPLewis and Clark Centennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-327SH 14-1 BZLewis and Clark Centennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-329SH 14-3 BZLewis and Clark 34mm
HK-331SH 14-4 BZLewis and Clark 36mm
HK-331ASH 14-4 GPBZLewis and Clark 36mm
HK-333SH 14-2 BZLewis and Clark No Date
HK-333ASH 14-2 GPLewis and Clark No Date
HK-334SH 14-7 BSLewis and Clark 38mm / Washington Building
HK-337Pike’s Peak Southwest Centennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-340San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
HK-344Jamestown Tercentennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-345Jamestown Tercentennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-350United States Navy World Voyage Admiral Evans
HK-353SH 16-1 SAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Official Medal
HK-354SH 16-1 BZAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Official Medal
HK-355SH 16-1 CUAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Official Medal
HK-356SH 16-1 GPBZAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Official Medal
HK-357SH 16-10 BZAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Official Souvenir
HK-358SH 16-7 SAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Silver Utah Exhibit
HK-359SH 16-8 CUAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Copper Utah Exhibit
HK-360SH 16-6 GAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Charbneau Alaska Gold
HK-361SH 16-5 GPSAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition President Taft
HK-363ASH 16-12 ASPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Gold-Planner Souvenir
HK-365SH 16-16 GPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Seven Rays / U.S. Government-Building
HK-370Hudson-Fulton Celebration Large Hendrik Hudson Daalder
HK-389Portola Festival Bear/Gaspar De Portola
HK-390Brian Boru
HK-393Ohio Valley Exposition Official Medal
HK-395Ohio Valley Exposition Official Medal
HK-396Louisiana Statehood Centennial Pelican
HK-398Panama Canal Completion
HK-399SH 18-1 SPanama Pacific International Exposition Official Medal
HK-400SH 18-1 BBZPanama Pacific International Exposition Official Medal
HK-401SH 18-1 GPBZPanama Pacific International Exposition Official Medal
HK-402SH 18-12 BZAlabama State
HK-402ASH 18-12 SPAlabama State
HK-403SH 18-13 ALArkansas State
HK-404ASH 18-14 SPFlorida State
HK-405SH 18-15 SPGeorgia State
HK-406SH 18-17 GPLouisiana State
HK-407SH 18-18 YBZMaryland State
HK-408SH 18-19 BZMississippi State
HK-409SH 18-20 GPMontana State
HK-410ASH 18-23 SPNorth Carolina State
HK-410BSH 18-16 BZKentucky State
HK-411SH 18-24 YBZOregon State
HK-412SH 18-25 BZSouth Carolina State
HK-413SH 18-26 BZTennessee State
HK-414SH 18-3 SPStanding Minerva / Battleship No Lower Portholes
HK-415SH 18-5 GPStanding Minerva / Tower of Jewels
HK-415ASH 18-6 GPStanding Minerva with Rays / Tower of Jewels Type C
HK-416SH 18-7 GPTower of Jewels / Battleship No Lower Portholes
HK-416ASH 18-8 ALTower of Jewels Gustave Fox Battleship
HK-417SH 18-9 GPLaughing Bear / Water-Nymphs
HK-419SH 18-22 BZNebraska State 1915
HK-419ASH 18-21 Montana State 1915
HK-420SH 18-10 ASPGlory to America
HK-421SH 18-10 BZGlory to America
HK-422SH 18-11 GPHensley’s U.S. Expositions
HK-423SH 18-31 SPSouvenir Slug Design.Pat Left
HK-424SH 18-31 GPSouvenir Slug Design.Pat Left
HK-425SH 18-32 GPOfficial Souvenir Days of ’49 Slug
HK-426SH 19-1 SPanama-California Exposition 1915 Official Medal
HK-427SH 19-1 BZPanama-California Exposition 1915 Official Medal
HK-428SH 19-1 GPBZPanama-California Exposition 1915 Official Medal
HK-429SH 19-1 SPBZPanama-California Exposition 1915 Official Medal
HK-430SH 19-2 BZPanama-California Exposition 1916 Official Medal
HK-432ASH 19-3 CUPanama-California West Gate / Canal Completion
HK-433SH 19-10 GPPanama-California Home Economy / Eagle
HK-434SH 19-11 GPPanama-California Home Economy / Grant Hotel
HK-454U.S. Sesquicentennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-459Pacific American International Exposition Anticipation Medal
HK-459SH 20-11 BZPacific American International Exposition Official Medal
HK-460McCormick Reaper Centennial
HK-461William Penn Arrival in America 250th Anniversary
HK-463Century of Progress Exposition Official Medal
HK-478SH 23-4 GPGolden Gate International Exposition Hensley’s U.S. Expositions
HK-479SH 23-6 GPGolden Gate International Exposition Protestant Lord’s Prayer / Textured Seal
HK-479ASH 23-8 GPGolden Gate International Exposition Catholic Lord’s Prayer / Textured Seal
HK-480SH 23-9 GPGolden Gate International Exposition Catholic Lord’s Prayer / Pictorial Seal
HK-481SH 23-1 GPGolden Gate International Exposition Official
HK-482SH 23-1 SPGolden Gate International Exposition Official
HK-483SH 23-12 GPGolden Gate International Exposition 1940 Petroleum
HK-484SH 23-11 GPGolden Gate International Exposition 1939 Petroleum
HK-485SH 23-3 SPBSGolden Gate International Exposition Piece of Eight
HK-486SH 23-10 GPGolden Gate International Exposition Pledge of Allegiance / Textured Seal
HK-488SH 23-5 Golden Gate International Exposition Charbneau
HK-490ASH 23-2 GPGolden Gate International Exposition Tower of Sun / Pictorial Seal
HK-497California Gold Discovery Centennial
HK-5071950 Washington, DC Sesquicentennial SCD
HK-5111954 Cradle of the Union Celebration SCD
HK-5191958 Minnesota Statehood Centennial Alexandria SCD
HK-5421959 Colorado Rush to the Rockies Centennial SCD
HK-5521959 Nevada Silver Centennial SCD
HK-5531959 Oregon Statehood Centennial Silver Buchanan-Eisenhower SCD
HK-5541959 Oregon Statehood Centennial Gold Buchanan-Eisenhower SCD
HK-575Alaska Festival of Music
HK-577Boy Scouts of America 50th Anniversary Jamboree
HK-583Pony Express Centennial
HK-586Kansas Statehood Centennial
HK-587Mobile, Alabama 250th Anniversary
HK-589Pony Express Termination Centennial
HK-589B1859 Nassau Water Works White Metal SCD
HK-589C1859 Nassau Water Works Silver SCD
HK-591SH 3-21 SP1880 Nashville Centennial Exposition Official Medal
HK-594SH 3-51 WMAmerican Exposition of Foreign Products Official Medal
HK-621South Carolina General Assembly Centennial
HK-651Atlantic City 50th Anniversary
HK-651BAtlantic City 50th Anniversary Splashing Waves
HK-656SH 17-1 ACUSouthern Electrical & Industrial Exposition Official Medal
HK-7561857 Dr. Kane SCD
HK-782Bryan Dollar Cartwheel with Legend
HK-805Bryan the Great Commoner by Thomas Elder
HK-807Bryan the Great Commoner by Thomas Elder
HK-852Dickeson Continental Dollar & Modern Restrikes
HK-866BDickeson Perseverando/Confederation
HK-876Denver Mint Opening
HK-10011826 Erie Canal Completion SCD
HK-1003ASan Francisco Mint Coining Press
HK-1009A50th Anniversary of the Settlement of Utah
HK-1031Wilson Dollar Manila Mint Opening